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At DOUBLE O BIKES we are all about helping our customers to get out and ride with excellent quality equipment and the prices and service to back you up all the way.
What have we got? We have bikes by industry leaders like Norco and Giant. Whether you’re looking for an entry level mountain bike, a comfort-cruiser, or a duel-suspension, we have comparable bikes from several respected brands. If you’re more into BMX: park, race, or flatland, we have all the popular lines from Ten Pack, Ryder, and 1664. Piece together your bike from your favorite brands, or ride a complete! For the customer that desires a delightful marriage of style, performance and comfort, a Classic Comfort Cruiser by Biria will lend class, distinction and whimsy to your ride-about.

At DOUBLE O BIKES we provide professional maintenance and repair services for bikes of all stripes at affordable rates.
Biking accessories? From helmets to socks, pumps to patches, computers to monitors, we’ve got ‘em!
Just here for a visit? We rent bikes. You may choose between single speed cruisers for a leisurely pace on the Hike and Bike Trail, or a comfort mountain-bike for a more ambitious ride through wine country. Need some pointers on where to find single track rides, or directions to the nearest park? We can tell you how to find what you’re looking for.


  • Kieu Proud says:

    Do you have tandem bikes or cargo bikes–Something that an adult can take a child (5 yo) on?



    • admin says:

      Hello Kieu!

      We certainly bring in these styles of bikes on special order. I like what Fiori has to offer, and they are distributed out of Vancouver. We don’t mind forging new distributorship if you have a specialty bike of a different brand in mind. Come in and we can have a discussion.



  • Don Kirkham says:

    I am spending the winter in Osoyoos this year 15/16, is there a link to download a biking map? I am an avid ‘gravel grinder’, normally riding 50+ kms a day, is there anything like that around Osoyoos? Also interested in gravel races if any are on during winter,
    Don Kirkham

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