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  • gaylene lancaster says:

    Could you please tell me what you would charge for a bicycle rental beginning the end of May to the end of August? A family member is moving to Oliver from Ontario for the summer and is contemplating rental versus purchasing. The problem with purchasing a bike, is it will be difficult to bring it back to Ontario, so I am wondering what options you offer, if any? Also, if a bike was purchased from your store for use during the summer months, would you consider buying it back at the end of August? What are your suggestions? These are a few questions that I have, and I look forward to your reply. Thank You.

    • admin says:

      Hello Gaylene,

      I can make a few recommendations as months-long bike rentals aren’t economical. First I would check out the Osoyoos flea market when it reopens later this month (or perhaps in early June, I’m not exactly sure when it will be in full swing again). Another good option is to buy a new, inexpensive bike like the Norco Yorkville and then flip it to someone at the end of your stay or to donate it to the flea market.

      Sending a bike to Ontario is also not necessarily cost prohibitive. The last time I helped someone with this it was about $120. We charge $55 for a bike boxing, so if a new bike was on the radar back in Ontario anyway, the ~$200 expense of getting it in the Okanagan might not be that exorbitant for the convenience of having a bike for the summer.

      Unfortunately we don’t deal in used bikes, so buying back the bike at the end of the summer isn’t in the cards.

      Hope that helps,


  • Greg Mitchell says:

    While visiting the Osoyoos store, Brandon McLeod was kind of enough to let us know about some downhill trails he and his friend had built right in Osoyoos. He was kind of enough to give us great instructions, and we had a great ride. When we returned to thank him, he offered to do a shuttle run with us the next day. And if that is not enough, he borrowed a friend’s jeep to take us back up the mountain because we forgot our keys in the van at the top! In all this, he never asked for any compensation. I want to say a huge “Thank You!” to Brandon and Double O Bikes for an incredible experience, and for the best customer support I have ever found anywhere!

  • Rich Moncion says:

    Hey Mathew, Cool bike shop.Fun and fantastic roads to ride around in the Southern Okanagan.If you or any of your friends want to check out the roads and trails around Vernon and the North Okanagan its defiantly awesome here as well.On couch surfing here also for any budget minded folk.Singles and couples welcome.See you again in your neck of the woods!


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